Letters from Current Year 7 Students

A few welcome messages from some of our current Year 7 students.

Dear Year 6,

We are glad to have you at our school. You’ll most likely get lost at first, which is fine – if you’re confused you can ask someone and they’ll gladly help you. Whalley Range has various after school activities and one of the best ones is sports day. You’ll have so much fun when it comes. You also get to have a Christmas disco, a form party and fun assemblies. On the last day we go in the stadium and count up house points to see who won the ‘best house’ competition. On that day, we also get to go home early and wear whatever we want, we have such a good time. The breaks are long too so you can do many things during lunch time and make lots of memories with your friends. We have lots of trips too and gold awards to spend in the shop.

I hope you enjoy it at Whalley Range, I had such a fun time at Year 7. Unfortunately I didn’t get to finish year 7 but that’s fine because there is always Year 8. Hope you have a great time. Good luck!


Here’s some advice I’d like to give you before starting high school:

  1. Get to know different people
  2. Compete in competitions when you get the chance. There are always lots of fun competitions going on at Whalley Range. I remember a few months ago we had a Year 7 science competition to make a cell model, I wasn’t expecting it but somehow I won first place out of 200 students, so I think you should always give them a shot
  3. Go to after school clubs. After school clubs are great to attend, especially at the beginning of the year when you might not know as many people. They help you to meet new people with similar interests. For example, if you like basketball there’s a club for that, if you like art there’s a club for that, if u like dancing there’s a club for that too. All of the clubs are free and there are always new and fun clubs being added, such as trampolining


To Year 6,

First of all I wish you all good luck for your adventure here at Whalley Range. Some of you will be excited, some nervous or maybe even a little bit of both, but remember to let your time here be special. There are so many different opportunities in our school to take advantage of, from the wide range of sports clubs, to having some quiet time in the library or hanging out with friends. There is something for everyone. There are so many wonderful people here and you will never feel down. The teachers are kind and caring – they’re simply the best! I hope you enjoy Whalley Range as I have and have an amazing adventure!

All the best,

Dear new year 7’s,

I would like to welcome you to Whalley Range High School, I know this is a weird way to welcome new students but we still hope to see you soon. Whalley Range is an amazing school and coming here will also boost your confidence since it’s a new place, new teachers, new friends. My experience in year 7 was amazing you will absolutely love your time here. In Whalley Range on Thursdays year 7’s do something called project day which means there are 6 subjects: Art, Textiles, Drama, R.E, Music and lastly Food Tech. You will start off in one of those subjects and then stay there for 3 Thursdays and then you rotate and go into each of the other subjects for a week. Now moving on from there you can also have a chance to earn badges, there are 6 badges to earn (I have already earned 2). They are linked to the schools cooperative values: Self help, Responsibility, Democracy, Equity, Equality and Solidarity. There are also a lot parties such as: Christmas party which is my favourite. Anyway hope you enjoy your year and remember make the most of it you only get one year 7.


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