Mindfulness, in a nutshell, is being able to focus on the present moment. It can be practised anywhere but preferably somewhere quiet to aid relaxation and reflection. Activities within our ‘Relaxation’ scheme of work are not all focused on mindfulness itself but the activities within allow students to reflect on past, present and future emotions and feelings.

Below is a brief overview of some of the things we cover:

Deep Breathing Exercises

Students focusing on their breath through teacher led step by step instructions.

Muscle Relaxation

Aim to tense and relax the whole body by starting with the head and neck and working all the way down to the toes. By focusing on each body part and tensing it for a set amount of time allows the mind to stay focused.

Mindfulness Activities

Listening to an audio clip through directed mindfulness or trying to develop this independently.


Relaxation poses.

Visual Imagery

Student led descriptive texts based around relaxing places and trying to engage students to imagine they are in a specific place away from stress and worries.


Activities to clear the mind and focus on a specific task at present: Colouring in, reading, listening to music, friendship bracelets, playing cards, playing with playdoh.

Quality Marks, Awards & Affiliations

We strive for excellence and are very proud of our achievements and affiliations.

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