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KS3: Our Music Learning Journey

To develop students with an ability to; take risks in their approach to learning, have confidence in developing and creating innovative ideas and outcomes, and to be resilient when facing creative challenges.

Head of Faculty

Mrs A Mistry (

Curriculum Intent

Our Design, Create, Perform curriculum is designed to enable our students to learn and develop the knowledge, skills and understanding to become effective practitioners of skills related to design, creativity and performance through the faculty subjects of Art and Photography, Drama, Design Technology including Textiles, Food and Music.

The DCP curriculum aims to provide a range of opportunities that will enable and encourage all students to explore, learn, think and interact creatively with relevant and real-world problems through a variety of contexts, developing their individuality, creativity, flair and confidence.

In all subjects, students are encouraged to explore their own creativity and imagination, to take risks in a safe environment, to achieve outcomes that consider their own and others’ needs, wants and values.

Through the range of subjects, students will gain life skills which will enable them to develop the creative, technical and practical expertise needed to perform everyday tasks confidently and to participate successfully in an increasingly complex and changing world. Students will learn how to take risks, becoming resourceful, innovative, enterprising and capable citizens.

They will build and apply a repertoire of knowledge, understanding and skills in order to present high-quality outcomes and will be able to critique, evaluate and test these to gain a critical understanding of the impact and essential contribution these make to their future beyond education, employability and their health and well-being.

Art and Design

Our Art and Design curriculum is designed to engage, inspire and challenge all students, whilst equipping them with the knowledge and skills to explore, experiment, invent, develop and create their own works of art.

We want our students to be able to think critically and develop a working understanding of art and design and how it shapes and reflects our world, history and cultures. Our students will be able to critically evaluate and analyse creative works, their own and those of others, using the language of Art and Design.

Our students will develop their knowledge and understanding of great artists and designers, art periods, styles and movements and will understand the historical and current development of their art forms and will be able to relate this is their own creative process. Our students will have the opportunities to explore the principles of Art and Design and to become proficient in working in a range of media, techniques and processes. Our students will be able to organise and develop their ideas and record their observations relevant to a given theme and will confidently apply knowledge, skills and understanding to create increasingly skilful outcomes.

Design Technology / Textiles

“Design Technology is about designing and making things that people want and that work well. Creating these things is hugely exciting; it is an inventive, fun activity.” James Dyson

Our Design Technology/Textiles curriculum is designed to equip students with essential life skills, knowledge and understanding that will inspire then to develop the creative, technical and practical expertise needed to perform everyday tasks confidently and to participate successfully in an increasingly technological world. Our curriculum will enable students to gain and apply a repertoire of knowledge, skills and understanding, drawing on links with STEAM subjects, in order to design and make prototypes and products using a range of materials, tools, equipment, suitable techniques and processes.

Our students will use their creativity and inventiveness to design and make products that meet the requirements of different users in varying contexts, in a safe environment, considering their own and others’ needs, wants and values. Our students will be given opportunities to reflect upon, test and evaluate their own outcomes and critically analyse the use and effectiveness of products past and present.

Our students will be encouraged to be sympathetic, resourceful, innovative risk takers who understand the impact of design technology on daily life and its essential role for local and global wellbeing.


Our Drama curriculum has been designed to embed the skills and knowledge of the theatre and performance process, which allows students to develop a love of the performance arts. Our drama curriculum gives students the opportunity to:

  • Develop core transferable skills that underpin successful drama
  • Apply a range of styles and techniques to structure innovative performance
  • Interpret and perform a range of existing scripts applying their own artistic vision
  • Devise creative and imaginative performance
  • Develop written evaluative skills embedded with subject specific language
  • Appreciate live performance
  • Participate in a range of performance genres, through performance and technical support
  • Explore imaginative set, costume, music, lights, make up and props to enhance performance
  • Understand the process of planning, rehearsing and reviewing performance
  • Understand the importance of research to inform planning and develop believable characters
  • Work with professionals from the Performing Arts industry (e.g. The Contact Theatre, Tender Arts and Shakespeare Schools)
  • Develop cross-curricular links with other subjects (e.g. annual Drama/ RE performance project and St. Ann’s Carol Concert), contributing positively to the life of the school
  • In talk, articulate and express their ideas, views and opinions about a wide range of topics and issues clearly, confidently and respectfully
  • Explore contemporary issues, in a safe environment
  • Empathise and engage with others outside their own social, cultural and historical setting
  • Develop their individual character, including their confidence, resilience and independence, both through lessons and extra-curricular participation

Food and Cookery

Our Food and Cookery curriculum is designed to instil a love for cooking and equip students with the essential life skills, knowledge and understanding that will enable them to feed themselves and others affordably and nutritiously, now and in later life. Our curriculum is designed to engage, inspire, and challenge pupils: equipping them with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own dishes. Students will develop an awareness of food from different cultures and countries and begin to develop a repertoire of dishes that they can make with confidence whilst understanding the principles of nutrition and health.

Students will:

  • Develop confidence and resilience in a safe environment, cooking a wide range of predominantly savoury, affordable and tasty dishes, using a range of ingredients and cooking methods whilst applying the principles of food preparation, food choice, nutrition, healthy eating and food related wellbeing
  • Build and apply a repertoire of knowledge, understanding and skills to prepare and cook a range of good quality food products for a wide range of users
  • Develop creative, technical and practical expertise to demonstrate safe and hygienic cooking skills, techniques and processes


Our Music curriculum is designed to be one that is rich in skills and knowledge, which ignites curiosity and prepares students well for future learning or employment. Our music curriculum will give students the opportunity to:

  • Develop a thorough understanding of music, through performing, composing listening and analysing
  • Develop self-confidence through performance, both through lessons and extra-curricular participation
  • Encourage creativity through composition skills
  • Understand the complexities of music through analysis of a wide range of genres from different musical and cultural perspectives
  • Encourage personal development through ensemble performances and group compositions
  • Understand how music can support the development of life skills, such as confidence, self awareness, perseverance and discipline
    and provide a holistic experience that they can take beyond their musical studies
  • Develop their cross-curricular skills of problem solving, perseverance, diligence, team work, time management, organisation,
    responsibility and cultural history
  • Gain a sense of achievement through performance

Quality Marks, Awards & Affiliations

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