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Welcome to Design, Create and Perform (Year 7)
To develop students with an ability to; take risks in their approach to learning, have confidence in developing and creating innovative ideas and outcomes, and to be resilient when facing creative challenges.

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Key Stage 3 Overview

  • Year 7 DCP subjects are delivered through project day based on 5 themes, Myself, My City, My World, My Future and My Journey
  • Year 8 Food Preparation and Cookery, Design Technology and Art are delivered through a carousel across the three subject areas
  • Year 8 Music and Drama are delivered through focused lessons with ½ a year in each subject
  • Year 9 students will complete a ½ term project in each of the DCP subjects

Art and Design

Over the course of the KS3 curriculum students will have the opportunity to explore painting, printing, 3D making and craft skills. These skills will develop in complexity as students progress through KS3. Each set of skills will be explored through a theme with artist and/or cultural links.

Design Technology

Design Technology modules develop student understanding of subject knowledge and skills through a range of focused practical tasks that introduce them to the different material areas.


Students are supported with speaking confidently in front of an audience during the initial stages of Drama in Year 7. Students are then encouraged to explore different themes/issues using role play and a range of Drama techniques and skills. Students will explore and perform a range of characters that are believable to an audience in a confident and engaging manner. Team working skills are taught from the beginning of KS3 and throughout; it is crucial that students understand the importance of these skills to create a high standard of performance material.

Food Preparation and Cookery

The Food course develops student’s understanding of Food ingredients and preparation and the importance of choosing foods to maintain a healthy balanced diet. Over the course students will learn to cook a wide range of healthy savoury and sweet dishes and develop key cooking skills.


Music covers many different topics throughout Key Stage 3 using different contexts to give students a wide learning base. Lessons are focused on the three key skills of composition, performance and listening. Students are encouraged to build their communication skills by working in pairs and in different sized groups as well as individually.

Option Subjects offered at Key Stage 4

  • AQA GCSE Art and Design/Photography/ Design Textiles
  • WJEC L1 /2 Hospitality and Catering
  • OCR GCSE Music
  • Pearson BTEC Performing Arts – Drama

Units studied in Year 10 and 11

  • Art and Design (AQA-8202): Photography, Design Textiles

    Students undertake 2 coursework projects (60% of the total marks) over Year 10 and Year 11. These projects will cover a range of techniques such as painting, printing, 3D making and mixed media. Topics and themes vary depending on teacher.

    The Externally Set task (40% of the total marks) gives students a choice of 7 different exam questions. Students have free choice in terms of the materials and techniques they choose to use.

  • WJEC L1 /2 Hospitality and Catering

    This qualification is designed for learners with an interest in Hospitality and Catering. It will provide you with experience of the hospitality industry with a practical focus on the catering aspect. The course will give learners a basic understanding of the skills required for a career in food and hospitality.

    Unit 1: 40% 90min Externally set and marked exam.
    The Hospitality and Catering Industry:

    • The hospitality and Catering environment
    • How Hospitality and Catering provisions operate
    • Health and Safety
    • Food Safety and hygiene

    Unit 2: 60% 9 hours – controlled assessment task with practical exam.
    Hospitality and Catering in action

    • To understand the importance of nutrition when planning menus
    • Understand menu planning and customer needs
    • To be able to cook dishes
  • BTEC Performing Art – DRAMA

    Students will study three components which are equivalent to one GCSE.

    • Component 1 – Exploring the Performing Arts (Professional practitioner work)
    • Component 2 – Developing Skills and Techniques in the Performing Arts
    • Component 3 – Performing to a brief (external)

    For components 2 and 3 a written portfolio is submitted along with recorded practical work for external moderator. Component 3 requires students to sit a controlled assessment paper which evaluates the practical brief set by the exam board.

  • GCSE Music

    Exam Board: OCR Course ref: J536

    There are 3 units related to the following 5 Areas of Study which are covered during the course: ‘My Music’ (student’s own instrument and their compositions); ‘The Concerto through time’; ‘Rhythms of the World’; ‘Film Music’; ‘’Conventions of Pop’.

    1. Integrated Portfolio (assessed by the teacher): 60 marks (30% of total GCSE)
      Solo (or ensemble) performance on the student’s chosen instrument (which includes voice)
      Composition: free-choice. Student composes a piece of music (minimum 1min30 secs)
    2. Practical component (assessed by the teacher): 60 marks (30% of total GCSE)
      Solo (or ensemble) performance
      Composition: Student composes a piece of music to a brief set by OCR (minimum 1.30 secs)
    3. Listening and Appraising: written examination externally assessed: 80 marks (40% of total mark)
      The examination is 1hr 30mins. Students will be asked questions on music related to the Areas of Study.

Units Covered in Key Stage 3

  • Year 7


    • Myself: It’s all about Me!
    • My City: Cityscapes
    • My World: The problem with Plastic
    • My Future: This Girl Can
    • My Journey: This Girl in Manchester

    Design Technology:

    • Myself: I Light up
    • My City: Bee Manchester
    • My World: Environmental Issues
    • My Future: Pocket full of Dreams
    • My Journey: This Girl can Create


    • Myself: Roots
    • My City: Melodrama
    • My World: Alice in Wonderland
    • My Future: Body Image
    • My Journey: Mysteries


    • Myself: Using My Loaf
    • My City: Eat Manchester
    • My World: Farm to Fork
    • My Future: Healthy Choices
    • My Journey: This Girl can Bake


    • Myself: My Musical Self
    • My City: Music of Manchester
    • My World: World Music
    • My Future: My Dreams Composition
    • My Journey: Showcase
  • Year 8

    Art and Design:

    • Mark making influenced by the work or Jasper Johns
    • Pop Art


    • Urban Legends/ Horror
    • Curious Intro
    • Roald Dahl

    Food Technology:

    • The Eatwell guide

    Design Technology:

    • Materials skills development


    • Blues
    • Stand by Me
    • Composition and popular music
  • Year 9


    • Work influenced by the Art Dec era

    Food Technology:

    • Food Preparation and Cooking Skills

    Design Technology:

    • Art Deco Graphics project
    • Textiles and Art Deco influenced project


    • Shakespeare – Seven ages of Man
    • DNA – Denis Kelly


    • Practical Musician ship
    • Song writing

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