Welcome to Mathematics (Year 7)


We endeavour; through a well-designed curriculum and consistently high quality lessons; to ensure that every student can maximise their potential in Maths, develop their problem solving skills which will enable them to deal with many real-life situations and discover a genuine interest in the subject.

Head of Faculty

Mr L Cleasby (lcleasby@wrhs1118.co.uk)

Years 7 and 8

Year 7 and 8 students will be following a Mastery curriculum in mathematics. Teaching maths for mastery is a transformational approach to maths teaching which stems from high performing Asian nations such as Singapore. When taught to master maths, children develop their mathematical fluency without resorting to rote learning and are able to solve non-routine maths problems without having to memorise procedures.

Year 9

Students will follow a pathway based on their needs and prior attainment. It is structured around five steps that they progress through. These steps cover all the mathematics needed for GCSE and further study around five main strands:

  • Number
  • Ratio & Proportional Reasoning
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Statistics

Topics have been grouped together to form a ‘Mastery Lite’ curriculum. This gives the student a chance to have a deeper understanding of the topics that they will cover and will enable them to retain the knowledge and skills that they have learned for longer. Students start with Statistics, which ties in with Science, during HT1 followed by Number, Algebra, Ratio & Proportional Reasoning, Percentages and Geometry.

Key Stage 4

All students are entered for GCSE Mathematics in Year 11.

Year 10 study the two year Key Stage 4 Mathematics course building on the skills acquired from the previous years’ teaching. This course is new to Year 10 in September 2020.

Year 11 will be completing their scheme of work based on topics not completed in April 2020 onwards focussing on Ratio & proportion, Geometry and Algebra. Year 11 will sit the GCSE examinations in the summer of 2021 where Higher GCSE students will be sitting Edexcel’s 1MA1 examination and Foundation students will be sitting OCR’s J560 examination. Tiers of entry will be decided after the PPE results in January.

Key Stage 5 (Level 2)

All students will follow one of two pathways.

Students who have a grade 3 at GCSE will be entered for GCSE Mathematics in Year 12 or 13 in November and then in June if they do not attain a good pass grade. After the GCSE in November the students will be studying for AQA Functional Skills at Level 2 with the first sitting of this examination taking place in January. Any student who fails to gain a grade 4 in November will continue to study GCSE mathematics in preparation for resitting in May. The details of the GCSE courses are similar to the information for Year 11.

Those students with a grade 2 or below will follow AQA Functional Skills. These students will sit the Level 1 Functional Skills examination in January and then take the Level 2 Functional Skills qualification in May.

Key Stage 5 (Level 3)

AQA 7356 (AS level) and AQA 7357 (A level).

The course includes core mathematics, statistics and mechanics.

At the end of Year 12 students will sit the AS level examination which consists of two papers: a Pure & Mechanics paper and a Pure & Statistics paper. Each paper is 1 hour and 30 minutes long.

At the end of Year 13 students will sit the A level examination which consists of three papers: a Pure maths paper, a Pure maths and Mechanics and a Pure maths & Statistics paper. Each paper is 2 hours long.

Quality Marks, Awards & Affiliations

We strive for excellence and are very proud of our achievements and affiliations.

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