Commit to Confidence Challenge ( Published: 14/03/2019)

Having worked with Enabling Enterprise since 2018, students recently took part in their ‘Commit to Confidence’ Challenge Day, which saw a range of employer visits, supported by the Skills Builder Framework.

A student display’s her team’s product design work from one of the professional scenarios worked on during the challenge

Over the course of the day, Year 10 students worked together to develop their confidence, with a focus on how they could use and apply their Essential Skills:

  • Aiming High
  • Being Creative
  • Leading
  • Listening and Understanding
  • Presenting
  • Problem Solving
  • Staying Positive
  • Working in a Team

They began by considering what confidence is and the habits they can adopt to develop their confidence. Throughout the rest of the day, the learners applied all eight of their Essential Skills to a range of professional scenarios in preparation for life beyond school. The challenge culminated in a reflection of their personal skill development, as they later created a personal action plan to continue to build their own confidence.

Miss Takhar, Global Awareness Teacher, saw a lot of positives from the day:

The activities really do bring out the Leadership in them. It was good to see some of the students speaking up and engaging with their team whereas in other lessons they would have needed a lot more probing.
Miss Takhar (Global Awareness Teacher)

The students really enjoyed the challenge and reflected on the valuable skills they’d picked up:

I think I have shown good Teamwork skills today but I’d like to work on my Problem Solving because I tend to pick the more complex solutions instead of the simple ones.

When I felt pressured by the timer, I was relieved I could rely on my team to help out and still deliver the products on time.

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