Student Senior Leadership Team (SSLT)

We are the Student Senior Leadership Team and we represent the student body. It’s our responsibility to ensure that school life centres around the wants and needs of us, the students.

The 2019/20 Student Senior Leadership Team (SSLT)

Meet the 2019/20 Student Senior Leadership Team:

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Head Girl


Hi, my name is Anya and I am proud to be head girl at Whalley Range this year, representing Franklin house. The cause that I am most passionate about is creating a safe and comfortable environment for students in school, and my priority this year is to create a positive environment that will connect staff and students, whilst also ensuring that the school can develop a strong and effective anti-bullying policy that supports both victims and inflictors of bullying through the idea of restorative justice.

I am proud to have been selected as one of eight people from the UK to hold a position on the Diana Award’s (an anti-bullying charity) national youth board – this has allowed me to accumulate experience in research, support and networking with major organisations such as Facebook, Instagram, the anti-bullying alliance and the UN. Whilst working with these companies, I have helped to create polls that can develop our national understanding of bullying and I have also discussed human rights and anti-bullying laws and features for social media that have now been included as permanent features on Instagram and Facebook.

I hope to extend the knowledge and skills that I have and apply these in school to improve the wellbeing of every single student that attends Whalley Range.

Anya (Head Girl)

Deputy Head Girls


My name is Ayman and I am deputy head girl representing Franklin house. A few of my goals this year are to create an environment in which students feel comfortable to open up about any issues they have, to eradicate food waste and be a role model that the students can look up to.

I want to work closely with Anya to improve anti bullying and mental health standards and I would also like to introduce more careers based inspirational speakers.

Ayman (Deputy Head Girl)


Hello, my name is Emily and I am one of the deputy head girls at Whalley Range 11-18 High School, representing Parks house. My focus this year is spreading the message of adopting a healthy lifestyle as well as promoting the diversity of our school and encouraging everyone to invest an interest in the different cultures that are represented by the student body. I want to ensure that everyone in school feels as though they belong in the school community.

I am hoping to do this by ensuring that they can apply the skills and knowledge that they have from their own culture into lessons, whether this be through cooking, religious studies or aspects of culture that can be applied to the core subjects. With regards to promoting a healthy lifestyle, I would like to spread the word of the importance of a healthy lifestyle through different sporting and wellbeing activities in school.

Emily (Deputy Head Girl)


Hello, my name is Usrat and I am one of the deputy head girls and a member of the SSLT, representing Parks house. My passion lies with the world and the environment – I’d like to use both my passion and my role to help our school community make a positive contribution to the environment. With a school as large as ours and a school population of well over a thousand pupils, I truly believe that we can make a massive difference. Through encouraging good habits such as recycling, reducing food waste and understanding why doing so is important, we can establish a community that strives to taking responsibility towards helping save the environment.

Additionally, with regards to the diversity of the school, I believe it is crucial that we understand events that are happening all around the world, be it positive or negative, social or political, and how these events may affect us, or the people around us. In a society like ours, we should learn to understand each other and our backgrounds so that we can offer our help and support.

Usrat (Deputy Head Girl)


Hello, my name is Fatima and I am one of the deputy head girls representing Hepburn. I am passionate about making sure everyone feels comfortable in our school. I want to make sure everyone spends the best five years at Whalley Range 11-18 High School by helping them integrate into our school. Whether it’s year 7 or any other year group. I hope to achieve this by starting a mentoring program where students who may need someone to talk to may do so in confidentiality. I would also like to establish more clubs to help everyone find their passion, like I have found mine. Essentially, all of the SSLT want to leave the school knowing we have made a difference.

Fatima (Deputy Head Girl)


I’m Rashkan and I’m one of the deputy head girls this year, representing Angelou. I have three main priorities that I’m passionate about developing this year. My main priority is to ensure that students are mindful of their health and diet, in ways which include ensuring the negative or stereotypical views on healthy diets are changed, and to ensure that students are eating in school rather than not eating at all or snacking on crisp packets or sweets (which I have personal experience of, however I have now discovered alternatives to these and I’d like to share these with students).

I would like to propose a snack bar which includes healthy alternatives such as dried fruit (e.g mangos), protein bars and breakfast bars. My second priority is to promote sporting activities in school as well as the extra-curricular opportunities available in school – I’d like to ensure that students can manage their social time effectively by taking part in these activities and developing crucial skills and stable passions, whether this is through leadership programmes, clubs or school events.

Rashkan (Deputy Head Girl)


Hello, my name is Pasmala and I am one of your deputy head girls, representing Germain house. I have a variety of things I’m passionate about, however the thing that I would say I am the most engaged in is taking part in sports activities and representing our school in competitions outside of school.

I would like to give all students equal opportunities through various activities and enrichment programmes to help everyone discover their potential and engage in activities that will help develop their skills in the activity and in life.

Pasmala (Deputy Head Girl)

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